• Davens Ceramic Center!

    We have been serving artists, hobbists, schools & studios for over 20 Years. We are family owned and very service oriented. Our mission is to serve you, our customer, in a way that far exceeds your expectations. This site is part of that commitment. Our website is backed by a finely tuned “bricks and mortar” organization. Think of us as the “‘clicks and mortar”‘ online ceramic source. Our commitment to you is also reflected in our staff who are well trained, knowledgeable, courteous and ready to answer your questions and help you to fulfill your needs.

    Davens Ceramic Center!

We feature many different clay bodies from Standard Clay, Laguna Clay and Aardvard Clay. Davens now offers Highwater Clays as well! We offer quantity discounts when you buy 100lbs, 500lbs, 1000lbs, and 2000lbs of any combination of clay types. We also have several different slips & porcelains. And, can special order most clay bodies in dry form.

– Our warehouse stocks digital Kilns by Skutt.  And, we make Raku Kilns in-house.
– There are also several brands of Wheels; including Brent, Shimpo, Pacifica and Clay Boss.
– Our Slab Rollers are by NorthStar and Shimpo; from portable tabletops to large floor tables.
– We carry NorthStar Extruders in several sizes with any different dies.
– The accessories include Kiln Furniture, Stools, Ware Carts, Pugmills, Kick Wheels & much more!

We have a unique selection of tools for both handbuilding and wheel potters by Kemper, Sherrill MudTools, Xiem , MKM, Chinese Clay and many others.  From banding wheels and sieves to digital scales to Giffin Grips, we have almost everything!

We are proud to carry glazes by the leaders in the industry: Mayco, Amaco, Coyote, Opulence and Laguna.  The glaze room is stocked with colors for cone 05/06 and cone 5/6.  Most Cone 5/6 glazes come in both wet and dry form.



  • Success in business is not for the greedy, on the  contrary: Success results from giving more without charging more — and the possibilities are infinite.